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Important: Signing up using this page will give you basic access to BAMF only. For example, if you're here for an admissions program, you will be registered as a student. If you're here for an event sign-up, you will be registered as an attendee.

If you already have an account in this system, do not create a second account. Forms completed within the system are tracked by logged-in user and will not transfer from your first account to your second one. Creating a second account to fill out new forms after already submitting forms on another account will negatively impact your admission processing.

If you already have an account in this system, but cannot remember your password, please use the Forgot Password feature. If your existing account has an email address that you no longer have access to (i.e. you used your school email and have since graduated), please contact the Student Affairs department for the college you are applying to so they can update your account.

TAMHSC personnel do not need to register - you may log in to BAMF with your HSC username and password.

If you need administrative access to BAMF, please contact one of the BAMF space administrators.